Parish Giving is Secure and Simple — Sign Up!

You can make automated donations using your credit card or checking account. 

If you haven’t already done so, please shift from We Share to Parish Giving to make your online donations by clicking here.  And if you haven’t yet made the change to online giving, we encourage you to do so.  Besides OLC being able to count on your consistent support, your automatic donation from your checking account or credit card can free you from writing checks every week and making up donations if you miss a week of Mass.

While envelopes are still available for those who prefer, we hope you prayerfully consider making the switch to Parish Giving. Our parish family is sustained through your generous support and online giving is a great way to make it fast, simple, and secure.

Creating an account takes as little as five minutes, and you can save lots of time by setting up weekly, monthly, or special offerings that help our parish run smoothly all year round. Easily track your donations, accrue points on your credit card, and know your support is felt each week whether you’re traveling or celebrating Mass in our parish.

Thank you so much for your loving and generous support of our parish community.