Mass Remembrances

Finding peace when you’ve experienced the death of a family member or friend can be difficult.  Likewise, it can be hard to console someone who has lost a loved one.  We need comfort and prayers, and want to do something meaningful.  Flowers are beautiful, but short-lived.  How can we help keep alive memories of a loved one who has died?

We’re not helpless in the face of our grief.  Having a Mass celebrated for a beloved person brings comfort and consolation.  You can schedule a Mass for the person’s birthday, the anniversary of their passing, or around a holiday.  His or her name will be announced at Mass and printed in the weekly bulletin as a lasting remembrance.   But most important, a Mass – the highest form of Catholic worship – will be said for the deceased’s soul and our congregation will pray for him or her.  

You can also have a Mass celebrated for a living person, including yourself.  Occasions might include illness,  thanksgiving for a blessing, or any other special intention.

To arrange a Mass, please stop by the Parish Office next door, call us at 201 434 0768, or send an email to    The donation is $20 for a weekend Mass or $10 for a weekday Mass.