What kind of Church is OLC?
OLC is a Roman Catholic Church and is part of the Archdiocese of Newark, NJ.

What is “Czestochowa” and how do you pronounce it?
 Ches-ta-ho-va. Czestochowa is a city in Poland that is the site of the shrine that contains a famous icon depicting the Blessed Virgin and the Child Jesus. The icon is called Our Lady of Czestochowa. Or, just call us OLC!  That’s the way we are most commonly referenced.

I am not a Catholic; would I be welcome at OLC?

Absolutely YES! We have many Christians of other denominations who attend services at OLC, and they’re an integral part of our parish community. OLC welcomes all those who believe in Jesus Christ, as well as those seeking a relationship with God, to join us in prayer and in all activities taking place in the parish.

I have been away from church and religion for a long time.  What should I do?

Just start coming to OLC and see where the Lord leads you. Don’t think that you will stand out in the congregation. OLC has newcomers at each service, and most of the congregation has been in the parish less than three years. We would be honored by your presence. Also, the worship booklet we use at Mass is designed to help those new to OLC follow the service.

Is there parking at OLC?
The church has a small parking lot on the corner of the south side of Sussex and Warren Streets. On Sundays, there is usually parking on Grand Street, the street that is north of Sussex Street. Parking can always be a challenge in downtown Jersey City.

Is there a choir at any Mass?
Yes. We maintain a music ministry and choirs during the year and for the Christmas and Easter seasons.  If you’d like to learn more, click on the “Our Ministries” link above to reach our Music Ministry page and find out about  our upcoming rehearsals, instrumentalists, and singers.

How do I/we become a member of the parish?
Click on this link to view our how to join our parish family.

How do I baptize my child at OLC?
Click on this link to view the process on baptizing infants. For other sacraments or for adult Catholic initiation, visit our Faith Formation & Sacraments page here.

How do we get married at OLC?
Click on this link to view our Weddings page under Faith Formation & Sacraments.

If you have a question that we haven’t covered, feel free to contact us at trish@olcjc.org.  Your question might even be made part of our FAQs!