Joining Our Parish Family

Those who worship at OLC are encouraged to become part of our growing parish family by registering as members of the parish. Registering affirms your connection with our parish family and provides important information relating to sacraments, as well as annual contribution reports for weekly contributions. Membership in our parish family celebrates the community of God’s church, and we hope you’ll take part in the two easy steps to join OLC.

If you have been attending OLC for some time and have not
registered, you may opt to skip step one and proceed to step two.

Joining OLC, Step One:

The first step is joining us on a Sunday morning for a program called THIS IS OLC. This one hour program is designed to introduce people to our parish during an informal light breakfast with a video, discussion with parishioners, and a Q&A. THIS IS OLC takes place in our church hall once every two months. The hall is located in the lower level of our church building and it is entered by using the gate to the left of the steps leading into the church. THIS IS OLC is a great way to start preparing for a baptism, first communion, or wedding, by meeting members of your new parish family.

Please watch the Calendar and the Bulletin for announcements about the next THIS IS OLC event.

Joining OLC, Step Two:

After attending THIS IS OLC, those who would like to register in the parish can arrange an informal, get-acquainted meeting with the parish administrator, Fr. Bryan Page. This meeting can be arranged to suit your schedule and will help to welcome you into the parish family.

For more information and registering, call the Rectory office at 201-434-0798 or email Fr. Bryan at