Supporting OLC

As Christians we are called to be good stewards of the time, talent, and treasure that God gives us. By doing so we live out our faith, we acknowledge that all we have is gift from God, and we strengthen and support our parish community.

OLC is blessed with good stewards who support OLC with a portion of the time, talent, and treasure they have received from God.

Giving of our Time
We are good stewards of our time when we gather each Sunday with our parish family for the celebration of Mass and when we make time each day for personal prayer and reflection. We use a portion of the time that God gives us in order to grow in our relationship with God and with God’s Church.

Giving of our Talents
We are good stewards of our talents when we volunteer some of our skills and talents for the sake of the parish and to assist others in need. This is especially important at OLC since our parish is small; this makes the sharing of our talent all the more important. By sharing our talents and abilities we enable our parish to do great things for the Lord. We contribute to the growth of God’s kingdom on earth.

Giving of our Treasure
We are good stewards of our treasure when we see our money as a gift from God, and we budget a portion of that gift for God’s Church. At OLC, our goal for such support is this: 2% PLUS, Because It’s My Church, and I’m Grateful. We are encouraged to give at least 2% of our income to the support of OLC. Those who are able, give PLUS, but each of us tries to give at least 2%. You can support OLC’s parish family by using our registered envelopes or by giving online using Parish Giving. Click the button below to enroll or log in to make your contributions.

Parish Giving for OLC

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Giving & Receiving
OLC is a great parish, and your participation and support make it even better. Thank you for your support.  And know that your offerings will return to you through the community we build.  As the Prayer of Saint Francis proclaims, “it is in giving that we receive.”